Editable Business Thank You Card Template : Faux Gold Foil Print Effect $5.70

Personal/Commercial Use

Want to know how other people are other people are building a long term relation with their customers and boosting their sales. Well they do this by practising a simple but sweet gesture that is by showing 'Gratitude' to their customers. 

Imagine yourself as a customer that you are opening a package that you ordered. You were waiting for this from so long and now you are really excited while opening it. And when you open it the first thing that you see is a 'Thank You' card note. The owner or seller is thanking you for all your support and he is telling you how important you are for them. And they have included a gift for you that is a discount coupon code. I am sure you will use this code the next time you shop! This small gesture makes you so happy and brings a sweet smile on your face.

Adding a thank you card note in your packaging will help you to increase customers loyalty, branding and marketing your products, develop a long term relation with your customers and sometimes these sort of gesture results in social shares which will more likely help you to get more customers and sales. consider reading this article to know how adding A Thank You Card Note Helps Your Business . 

                                              Click here to see how to edit the template

This is an 'Editable' card template in which: 
- You can edit the text
- Add a personal note
- Change fonts and font colour 
- Add logo
- Add images
- After editing download and print it at home or in a local printing shop near you.

You can edit this card on a free online tool 'Canva' 

What you will get- 

You will get a PDF file that will contain
- The link of Editable template
- And a detailed instruction on how to use, edit and download the file.

What is the size?

The size of the card is 4 inches x 6 inches. (contact me for if you want a different size I would love to do that for you). 
The word thank you is in faux gold foil effect.


This is a digital good and you will not receive any physical or finished product

Return Policy

Being a digital product it is not eligible for return or refund once it has been downloaded.